November 23, 2012

Eritrean cyclists register new record in the 5th round Rwanda Tournament 2012

Eritrean cyclists register new record in the 5th round Rwanda Tournament 2012

Asmara, 22 November 2012 – Reports indicated that Eritrean cyclists have completed today’s 126.5 Km-long and altitude-confronting 5th Rwanda Tournament 2012 in triumph that kept a new record. Accordingly, three Eritrean cyclists – Solomon Habte, Merhawi Kudus and Aron Debretsion – won the first three ranks successively, thus keeping the podium fully for their country.

Moreover, 6 cyclists from Eritrea finished the 4th round tournament yesterday among the top 10 winners, making a historic achievement. It is to be recalled that the Eritrean Cycling Team which comprised Natnael Berhane, Meron Rusom, Firekalsi Debesai, Dawit Haile and Teklit Tesfai had scored an overriding victory in the 2010 Rwanda Tournament.

Meanwhile, Eritrean Tesfom Ogbamariam registered a vibrant success in today’s 2nd round Tour of Sharjah First International Cycling Tournament, in which Eritrean Mussie Asehel is coaching the African Cycling Team. The 150 Km. tournament involved an up-hill racing at three spots, in the two of which Tesfom emerged fist, but stood second at the third preceding Sheriff of Egypt.

Moreover, Tesfom and Sheriff representing Africa concluded the tournament winning the 3rd and 8th ranks respectively.

Tour of Sharjah would continue with a 100 Km tournament tomorrow.

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