June 23, 2013

Eritrean community members in the US mark Martyrs Day with patriotic zeal

Eritrean community members in the US mark Martyrs Day with patriotic zeal

Asmara, 23 June 2013- Reports indicate that Eritrean community members in Washington DC, Las Vegas, Seattle, Columbus, Atlanta and Dallas mark June 20 Martyrs’ Day with patriotic zeal and reiterate readiness to honor the trust of fallen heroes.

In a ceremony conducted in Washington DC Mr. Berhane Gerhiwot, Charge d’Affaire in the Eritrean Embassy pointed out that the event is an occasion during which nationals should reiterate their commitment in the nation-building process.

Mr. Alexander Tesfai, representing the YPFDJ, indicated that nation-building is part of the trust of martyrs, and called on the community members to enhance participation to this end.

In a similar ceremony they conducted, Eritrean community members in Las Vegas expressed that honoring the trust of fallen heroes should be gauged in line with the nation’s development pace.

During the occasion, 125 members of the community extended more than 5 thousand Dollars honoring martyrs’ trust, and pledged to extend 1 Dollar each per day towards this end.

Similarly, the Eritrean community members in Seattle conducted candle lit ceremony in honor of martyrs, and expressed readiness to back up the national development programs. They also extended 14 thousand dollars honoring martyrs’ trust.

In the same vein, the Eritrean community members in Dallas in the candle lit ceremony they conducted explained that the strong bond they have with their people and Government and their participation in the national development programs is part of martyrs’ trust, and expressed readiness to mount staunch resistance against anti-Eritrea agendas.

The Eritrean community members in Colombo, Ohio, Georgia and Oakland staged different artistic performances highlighting the Eritrean people’s heroic feats, in addition to candle light parade.

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