August 1, 2017

Eritrean Community Festival in Scandinavian Countries

Eritrean Community Festival in Scandinavian Countries

Asmara, 1 August 2017 – The 19th Eritrean Community Festival in the Scandinavian countries was conducted from 27 to 30 July in Stockholm, Sweden. The festival in which a number of Eritrean nationals from different European countries participated was opened by Foreign Minister Osman Saleh.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Mr. Alem Teklegergis, Head of Holidays Coordinating Committee, explained that festivals have been a forum for the preservation of national culture and identity, in addition to being venues for the transfer and sustainability of societal values.

Mr. Yonas Mana, Charge d’Affairs at the Eritrean Embassy in the Scandinavian countries, explained on his part that the festivals conducted with national harmony vividly portray the strong commitment of Eritrean communities to keep intact cultural and national identity.

Foreign Minister Osman also gave briefings regarding the objective political, diplomatic and economic situation in the homeland as well as the concerted effort the people and government of Eritrea have been exerting vis-à-vis combating hostilities and ensuring effective implementation of development programs.

Minister Osman said that ensuring social justice and equitable distribution of services along with human resource development are national priorities. He further called on nationals abroad to sustain their initiative to make professional and financial contribution in the nation-building process.

Apart from seminars on various issues, the 19th Eritrean Community Festival in the Scandinavian countries featured different cultural and artistic shows.

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