August 2, 2018

Eritrean Community Festival in Scandinavian Countries

Eritrean Community Festival in Scandinavian Countries

Asmara, 01 August 2018- Eritrean nationals in the Scandinavian countries held 20th annual festival from 26 to 29 July in Stockholm under the theme “Vision through Toil”.

The annual festival was attended by the Ethiopian Ambassador to the Scandinavian countries, heads of Eritrean communities and organizations, religious leaders, friends of Eritrea and a number of Eritreans. Ms. Hanna Simon, Eritrean Ambassador to France officially opened the Festival.

Stating that the festival is being conducted in a time of promising prospect of peace and cooperation in the region, the Holidays Coordinating Committee, Mr. Alem Teklegiorgis, said that Eritrean community festivals have significant contribution in solidifying unity and transferring the societal values to the young generation.

The Charge d’Affairs at the Eritrean Embassy, Mr. Yonas Manna, on his part said that this year’s festival is unique for it is being conducted at a time in which Eritrea and Ethiopia are forging a new era of friendship and cooperation and called for strengthening effort for the sustainability and development of the promising prospect.

The festival highlighted Eritrean cultural performance by a troupe from Eritrea.

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