July 31, 2019

Eritrean community festival in Scandinavia concludes

Eritrean community festival in Scandinavia concludes

Asmara, 30 July 2019 – The annual Eritrean community festival in the Scandinavian countries that was officially opened on 25 July by Presidential Adviser Mr. Yemane Gebreab was concluded enthusiastically on 28 July, the National Holidays Coordinating Committee stated.

The 21st annual festival in which over ten thousand nationals from all over Europe and Scandinavian countries as well as invited guests and friends of Eritrea took part, was highlighted by vocational workshops, cultural and artistic performances, exhibition as well as seminars regarding homeland objective situations and bazaars among others.

Presidential Adviser Mr. Yemane Gebreab organized a seminar on homeland objective situations and charted out Government programs, as well as regional developments and answered questions forwarded by participants.

Lt. Col. Getachew Merhatsion, head of Information and Cartography Center at the Office of the President on his part presented an extensive pictorial and Cartographic presentation on the priorities of national development programs and on the short and long term action plan.

The report further indicated that several Eritrean professionals and artists also conducted seminars on various topics including healthcare, history, and culture.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, awards were handed over to Shingrwa Competition winners, and certificates of recognition to participant nations, regions, communities and associations.

stating that this year’s annual festival attests to the resilience demonstrated and sacrifices paid in the realization of the prevailing era of peace and cooperation participants commended all that contributed to the realization of the annual festival.

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