December 2, 2018

Eritrean community festival in Riyadh

Eritrean community festival in Riyadh

Asmara, 30 November 2018- The annual Eritrean community festival in Riyadh was conducted from 28 to 30 November under the theme “The Unwarranted Sanctions: Foiled through Steadfastness and Resilience”. The festival was officially opened by Foreign Minister Osman Saleh on 28 November.

Minister Osman Saleh accompanied by Ms. Weini Gerezgiher, Charge d’Affairs at the Eritrean Embassy in Riyadh, Col. Melake Teklemariam, Chief of Staff of the Eritrean Navy, and other Embassy officials visited photo, cultural artifacts and innovation exhibitions staged by the students of the Eritrean International School in Riyadh and members of the YPFDJ.

Indicating that the Eritrean people paid heavy sacrifice for independence and safeguarding national sovereignty, Ms. Weini said that the Eritrean people as in past will emerge victorious in building prosperous nation.

Ms. Weini went on to say that the annual festival will have significant contribution in solidifying unity among the Eritrean people and expressed appreciation to those that worked for the realization of the event.

The chairman of the Eritrean community in Riyadh, Mr. Abdurahman Imam on his part said that this year’s festival is unique for it is being celebrated at the time of peace and friendship prevailing in the region.

At the festival, Minister Osman Saleh handed over prizes to winners in various competitions and certificates of recognition to individuals for outstanding contribution.

The festival was highlighted by artistic and cultural performance as well as various sports and general knowledge competitions.

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Eritrean community festival in Riyadh