January 17, 2019

Eritrean community festival in Australia concludes

Eritrean community festival in Australia concludes

Asmara, 17 January 2019- Eritrean community festival in Australia that was underway from 11 January under the theme “New Era for Higher Development” concludes on 13 January with enthusiasm. The 19th annual festival that was attended by nationals from all ages was featured with cultural and artistic performances, sports competitions and various entertaining programs.

At the festival seminar was also organized with a view to strengthen organizational capacity of national organizations in congruent with the new era of peace and cooperation.

Mr. Tekeste Mehari, General Consul at the Eritrean Embassy in Australia and New Zealand, handed over prizes to winners of various competitions. In the same vein, the National Union of Eritrean Women branch in Cologne, Germany, organized an event on 12 January in connection with the International Day of the Disabled under the theme “Pledge for Bright Future”.

At the program that was highlighted with cultural performances, Ms. Dehab Eyasu, the Chairwoman of the union branch, delivered message of the National Association of Eritrean War Disabled Veterans.

At the event, the participants of the program contributed 1,600 Euros in support of the war disabled veterans.

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