February 16, 2012

Eritrean citizens residing in Zurich City conduct rebuff meeting

Eritrean citizens residing in Zurich City conduct rebuff meeting

Asmara, February 2012- Eritrean citizens living in Zurich, Switzerland, conducted rebuff meeting on February 12.Mr. Sleshi Idris, head of public and community affairs in Switzerland, gave extensive briefing on the objective situation in the Homeland and the region, as well as development activities in the Homeland.

Indicating that the conspiracies against the people and Government of Eritrea are designed to undermine the unity of the people and the nation, they noted that such conspiracies would as ever be foiled through united rebuff.

The participants condemned the baseless illegal Security Council sanctions resolution against Eritrea at the behest of the US, and reaffirmed resolve to mount staunch rebuff and work for the success of national development programs.

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