November 15, 2011

Eritrea would soon have pediatricians specializing in cardiovascular surgery, Say Italian physicians

Asmara, 15 November 2011 – A group of Italian physicians currently performing cardiovascular surgery at the Orotta Pediatrics Hospital, expressed conviction that Eritrea would soon have pediatricians specializing on cardiovascular surgery.

In line with the understanding reached with the Health Ministry, the Italian physicians are performing cardiovascular surgery in the country and training Eritrean specialists. The group has been accomplishing effective task as of 2004, and that a number of health personnel were able to upgrade their knowledge.

Prof. Giovanni Stalin, the leader of the group, explained that the mission of the group was initially performing surgical operation, but later on emphasis was given to training Eritrea physicians so as to address shortage of skilled manpower. He further explained the readiness of the Italian University of Padova to provide special surgical education to Eritreans.

Dr. Yosef Tewolde, a specialist on cardiovascular and who pursued education at the University of Padova for one year, said that the opportunity made available shoulders them with heavy responsibility.

Pointing out that cardiac treatment for children costs more than 20 thousand Euro, he said that the Eritrean government’s contribution in this aspect is commendable.

Reports indicated that the Italian medical team comprising 19 health professionals has carried out 7 cardiovascular surgeries in collaboration with Eritrean health personnel.

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