November 1, 2013

Eritrea takes part in Diplomatic Fair in South Africa

Eritrea takes part in Diplomatic Fair in South Africa

Asmara, 31 October 2013 – The Eritrean Embassy in Pretoria indicated that Eritrea took part in a Diplomatic Fair organized by the South Africa Foreign Ministry and witnessed participation of 73 countries.

Eritrea’s camp portrayed socio-cultural, historical and tourism-related contents depicting the people’s lifestyle, natural resources as well as investment prospects.

A number of visitors expressed appreciation for the content of the exhibition vis-à-vis the manner of its presentation and the briefings given thereof. They also said that they are in a position to raise awareness pertaining to the Eritrean people’s lifestyle and the natural resources the nation is endowed with.

The Diplomatic Expo was organized in honor of the South African fallen hero Oliver Tambo.

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