January 17, 2012

Eritrea possesses youths proud of their identity and culture: Eritreans nationals in the Diaspora

Asmara, 17 January 2012- Eritrea possesses youths who are proud of their identity, culture and history, asserted Eritrean youths in the Diaspora who came to the Homeland for vacation.

They said that the nation is blessed with unity in diversity as well as the spirit of cooperation and harmony, and that they would reinforce such a glorious legacy. Mr. Yosef Samuel from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, told ERINA that the nation’s youth are not detached from their culture and society.

Likewise, Mr. Henry and Hermela Michael, who came from western Australia, pointed out that they feel at home when they come here because their parents have fully acquainted them with the history and culture of their own country and the values of their society.

Mr. Michael Habtegiorgis said underscored that the role of the family is crucial in ensuring that the Eritrean youths born outside are not detached from the country’s national values and feel proud of their identity.The youth members on their part explained that the gatherings and festivals conducted every year in the Homeland and abroad play an important role in reinforcing and preserving Eritrean culture and exchanging experience.

The visiting Eritrean youths said that they would explain to those youths who did not have the opportunity to visit to the Homeland the pace of development in the country has already registered, as well as the prevailing peace and stability in the country.

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