October 3, 2019

Eritrea participates at Global Aviation Security symposium

Eritrea participates at Global Aviation Security symposium

Asmara, 03 October 2019- Eritrea participated at the Global Aviation Security Symposium held between 18 to 29 September as well as at the 40th session of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) General Assembly being held from 24 September to 4 October.

The Global Aviation Security Symposium was attended by 42 member states and 7 aviation manufacturers and the International Aviation Organization Assembly is being attended by 193 member states, aviation manufacturers and service providers.

Eritrea was represented by Mr. Paulos Kahsai, D. G. of Civil Aviation Authority, and Mr. Samuel Girmai, member of the Consulate General of Eritrea to Canada.

At the symposium research papers were presented focusing on aviation security, safety, air transport, air navigation, administrative, general rules and regulations and aviation manufacturing industries displayed their products.

In a statement he delivered at the occasion, Mr. Paulos said that Eritrea has successfully managed to build aviation safety and security, public awareness and sense of ownership with a view to ensure aviation security.

Mr. Paulos went on to say that Eritrea has made a remarkable success in aviation security by scoring 75.56%, well above the global average which is 72% and that Eritrea is diligently working to maintain and sustain conformity with ICAO standards and recommended practices.

Eritrea has become member of the International Civil Aviation Organization in 1993.

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