June 26, 2013

Eritrea Festival UK – 13th-14th July 2013

Eritrea Festival UK – 13th-14th July 2013

Eritrea Festival UK - 13th-14th July 2013

The Eritrean Festival United Kingdom will start on Saturday the 13th of July with more than dozens colorful performances. This annual festival-this year is the 14th edition- is a celebration of Eritrean values and culture; and also features different spectacular shows. The Festival will take place at the Lee Vally Leisure Center in Edmonton North London.

This festival brings together all Eritreans and friends of Eritrea living in UK through the weekend of 13th – 14th July 2013. There will be plenty shows taking place as well as Camping, Children, Seminar, Youth & Family programs, Sport, Fashion Show, Graduation, Regional Tents, Cultural performances and opportunities to enjoy meeting old friends in the Bazar setup to serve traditional food. Not to mention to get national and historical information and lectures.

Most people may think that Festivals can be fun and people like to have fun. But, Eritrea’s UK Festival is not only about having fun. Festivals can promote a sense of community, and this festival can achieve cohesion on another level among Eritreans. It can work as a platform of cooperation to create or strength ties between existing national culture and Eritrean children and youth, who are born or grown up in Diaspora.

It seems ironic that there are festivals inspired by the notion of taking a week end off, but the Eritrean Festival UK is beyond that. This Festival has a noble reason which is, besides educating the Eritrean kids their roots, an opportunity to urge the youth to accept the responsibility of promises of our fallen heroes. It will be a time to remember our Martyrs and pay them back by changing heir belief into reality.

In a true sense, the Eritrean Festival in Diaspora in general, the Eritrean UK Festival in particular is not about a crowd gathering events inspired by wanting to dance only, but it is more about identity celebration. Thanks to the diverse programming, the audience is pretty, too, made up of culture and music lovers from all walks of life, but it all adds to fantastically educate the young children their Eritrean identity.

Another important message is that the Festival will carry the slogan, “Today’s Investment Tomorrow’s Prosperity”. This will remind the Eritreans living in UK that they have the moral obligation to participate in the on-going economic development (i.e. the Warsay Yekealo Development Campaign).

There will be too many great artists in attendance, such as Helen Pawlos, Wedi Zager, Teame Woldemichael, Alamin Hasebella, Top Fashion Designer Zekarias Solomon and a promising artist Rahel Ghile, Nigisti Ghebray, Lidia Tekeste, Milka Mebrahtu, Fyori Zemichael and other talented artists. It is this ability to view all parts of the musical spectrum through the eyes of so many different performers, young and old that truly gives the festival its Eritrean prestige.

In other words, the Eritrean UK Festival 2013 – like other festivals in Diaspora cities-is one of the best gatherings on home while a way from home.

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