August 5, 2011

Eritrea’s non-exposure to prevailing drought in the Horn region outcome of self-reliance programs: Gordon Peters, WDM Edinburgh group

Asmara, 5 August 2011- In an article he wrote, Mr. Gordon Peters, who worked as Advisor for various international organizations, said that Eritrea’s non-exposure to the prevailing drought in the Horn of Africa is the outcome of the country’s self-reliance policy in the implantation of development programs.

Stating that Eritrea is one of the countries in which he paid a working visit in recent years, Mr. Gordon Peters pointed out that he managed to witness the development progress that the country has achieved through relying on internal resources that enabled it to depend on external support, including the big powers.

He further explained that in the African region where millions are starving and relying on aid from donors, which he noted is both limited and not reliable, Eritrea has registered encouraging development achievements on the basis of mobilizing internal resources.

Moreover, Mr. Gordon Peters pointed out that Eritrea has succeeded in promoting equitable distribution of resources and ensuring social services, in addition to laying strong foundation for achieving food security.
He also indicated that the main cause of the humanitarian crises being witnessed in Africa in general and the Horn region in particularly is the culture of donor aid and assistance. Mr. Gordon said that nations could draw vital lesson from the Eritrean experience of self-reliance that enabled it to achieve self-sustaining development.

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