July 18, 2011

Eritrea’s Economic Growth Vital Lesson To Other Countries: Economic Expert

Asmara, 18 July 2011 – Prof. Mark D. Juszczak, an economic expert, said that at a time when the majority of western nations are faced with economic meltdown and African countries are engulfed in dire drought situation, Eritrea is registering continued economic growth anchored on the principle of self-reliance.

He made the salient remarks in an article he wrote under the title: “An Economic Lesson We Can Learn from Eritrea”.

Stating that such principle was resorted to both in the days of the liberation struggle and in the reconstruction and nation-building endeavors after independence, the Professor explained that self-reliance played decisive role towards enabling the people and Government of Eritrea achieve reassuring progress. He further underlined that the countries possessing abundant natural resources are presently facing acute economic crisis have a vital lesson to learn from the Eritrean experience. In this connection, Prof. Mark D. Juszczak cited Eritrea’s rejection of external handouts and subsides in the implementation of development programs.

In the conviction that human resource capacity constitutes guarantee for economic independence, the Eritrean government exerts unremitting efforts to this end, in addition to ensuring equitable distribution of resources and avoiding corruption, he added.

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