December 9, 2017

ENT Diagnostic and Operation Centre Inaugurates

ENT Diagnostic and Operation Centre Inaugurates

Asmara, 9 December 2017 – Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Diagnostic and Operation centre constructed at an expenditure of over 15 million Nakfa within the premises of Orotta Referral Medical Hospital was inaugurated last Wednesday. The project was implemented in cooperation with the Government of Eritrea and the German MEDCARE Association.

Speaking on the occasion attended by Ministers and members of the diplomatic corps, the Minister of Health, Ms. Amina Nurhusein, said that the construction of the diagnostic and operation centre attests to the Government’s policy of giving priority attention to the health sector and resolve to work in cooperation with partners.

Likewise, the Director of Orotta National Referral Hospital, Dr. Habteab Mehari, said that the ENT centre is part of the substantial investment being made to ensure public health.

Meanwhile, the founder and Head of MEDCARE, Prof. Eberhard Stennert, explained that ENT diagnosis and operation is one of the important sectors of health and expressed satisfaction to witness the centre inaugurated and begin providing service to the public.

The ENT facility is equipped with patients bed rooms, surgery and recovery ones besides laboratory and other facilities.

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