May 27, 2017

Enigmatic Eritrea: Engagement, Investment & Development in the 21st Century

Enigmatic Eritrea: Engagement, Investment & Development in the 21st Century

he Embassy of the State of Eritrea in the UK hosted a forum on 22 May in London under the theme “Enigmatic Eritrea; Engagement, Investment & Development in the 21st Century” in a bid to portray Eritrea’s true image.

Members of the Diplomatic corps, Mining Industry CEOs, Law firms, Consultants, Journalists, and Academics have participated in the discussion forum that was aimed to address and share information about Eritrea.

Eritrean  Ambassador to the UK and  Ireland Mr. Estifanos Habtemariam highlighted on how today’s political climate is fitting Eritrea’s endeavors of international cooperation, exploring different areas of opportunities of investment and working towards a sustainable development process in Eritrea.

Ambassador  Estifanos underlined that the Government and people of Eritrea are tirelessly engaged in the parallel duty of protecting sovereignty whilst working towards ensuring food security and rebuilding the nation especially in the sectors of agriculture, healthcare, education, infrastructure and mining.

He further stressed that Eritrea’s self reliant development process is one that has met endless challenges and hurdles concealed as border disputes, unjust sanctions and allegations of human rights abuse seeking to sabotage the rich and proud history and hard won independence.

Mr. Gordon Peters, former chairperson of the Scottish Eritrean friendship touched upon the pleasant feeling of Asmara’s architecture, reforestation, extractive resources and health related success Eritrea has achieved. He further commended the peace and tranquility Eritrea is enjoyng and called for integrated efforts to portray the true image of Eritrea as opposed to the some media counter productive false narratives.

Mr. Peter Ford, Former UK Ambassador to Eritrea, on his part explained about his three decades experience about Eritrea focusing on geo politics surrounding Eritrea gave briefing on three areas of his experience namely on the Eritrean people’s resilience, resourcefulness, and cohesiveness.

Mr. Seamus Cornelius, Chairperson of Danakil Mining Share Company, gave a brief introduction on the activity of the company, and spoke in detail about the experiences they had with Eritrea referring to personal accounts and how the Fraser Institute review ranked as the 6th most attractive mining investment destination in Africa. He went on to elaborate on how corruption is non-existent and every government institution works professionally.

In closing remarks Mr. Yared Tesfay, Head of Media Affairs at Eritrea’s Embassy in UK and Ireland, stressed the importance of the forum in bringing together the participants from different areas of profession to address and share their experiences, as well as reflect the reality in Eritrea exploring different areas of opportunities and working together towards a sustainable development process.

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