October 13, 2011

Endeavors to multiply and familiarize sweet potato register encouraging outcome

Halhale, 10 October 2011 – The endeavors of the National Halhale Agriculture Research Institution to multiply and familiarize the public with sweet potato have registered encouraging outcome, according to Mr. Muse Fikadu, Coordinator of the program.

He said that the aforementioned institution has distributed five quality sweet potatoes from 19 species brought from abroad after conducting the necessary study in three seasons for 5 years. Mr. Muse also explained that sweet potato could make due contribution in ensuring food security as it is possible to harvest 600 quintals from one hectare.

Mr. Tekleab Erimias, one of the farmers who have already planted sweet potato, said that they are able to obtain animal feed at low cost, besides already supplying their products to the market.

Reports indicated that sweet potato was distributed in 2010 to exemplary farmers in the sub-zones of Debarwa, Mendefera and Dekemhare.

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