August 6, 2020

Encouraging vegetables and fruits farming in Gerset

Encouraging vegetables and fruits farming in Gerset

Barentu, 06 August 2020- As part of the agricultural activities being conducted at the Gerset Agricultural Project, encouraging vegetables and fruits farming is being conducted. The report was made by the coordinators and staff members of the agricultural project.

According to Mr. Yosief Haile, head of Fruits and Crops Development, the agricultural project is engaged in cultivation of variety of crops, vegetables and fruits farming as well as livestock breeding and so far encouraging outcome is being registered.

The head of the Agricultural Project, Mr. Amine Tesfamicael on his part said that the project since its initiation is expanding from time to time both in scope and types of crops and fruits cultivation and commended the active participation of the youth assigned to the project.

Mr. Amine went on to say that the Gerest agricultural project will have significant contribution in stabilizing the market across the country with its vegetables and fruits production.

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