October 5, 2011

Egypt and Eritrea will sign cooperation memorandum in ecotourism

by MANAL EL-ESSAWI | CAIRO – Egyptian Minister of Environment Affairs Maged George announced the possible cooperation memorandum between Egypt and Eritrea in the field of ecotourism in coast administration and water sources.

Eritrean Minister of Tourism Askalu Menkerios, in cooperation with Eritrean ambassador to Egypt said the Eritrean coats along the Red Sea are distinguished by 1,000 kinds of water species, 22 kinds of coral and 851 km2 of mangrove forests.

During his visit to Egypt, George gifted Menkerios a group of transcripts about the natural reserves in Egypt. The Egyptian minister also discussed the cooperative means between both sides. The cooperation drove to train Eritrean experts on better managing the natural reserves.

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