May 16, 2011

Efforts required for safeguarding natural resources: Reports

Asmara, May 15, 2011- Major efforts are required to restore our national resources to their intial level, stated the Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Arefaine Berhe.

Speaking at the occasion held to commemorate the National Reforestation Day, Mr. Arefaine stated that major achievements have been registered to date as regards reforestation and conservation activities, but much remains to be accomplished.

According to details presented at the occasion, 4.2 million tree seedlings have been planted nationwide over 1,687 hectares of land. And that effective work has been carried out on the tasks of mapping the soil types of the nation and fortifying them against erosion, introducing eco-friendly smokeless ovens in all parts of the nations and establishing and strengthening of ecology clubs, among others.

Numerous individuals who made a due contribution towards the goal of reforestation and preservation were handed certificates recognizing their involvement. Also on the occasion, the Minister and other invited guests planted tree seedlings at the grounds of the Information Ministry.

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