March 30, 2011

Development Progress In Barentu Demonstrates Government And People’s Commitment

Barentu, 30 March 2011- The town of Barentu has grown to become one of the major cities in the country owing to the intensive development efforts in the 20 years of independence, clearly demonstrating the government and people’s commitment, the administrator of the Barentu sub zone, Mr. Franco Kubaba disclosed.

Recalling that Barentu town was previously only a cluster of traditional huts and a colonial military base, Mr. Franco said that the town now has the proper infrastructure and beautiful buildings as a result of the investments made by the Eritrean government.

Indicating that the regional referral hospital is playing a crucial role in ensuring quality health services, the administrator explained that the town is now three times its previous size and  includes major buildings such as that of the regional administration office, branch office of the police department, the NUEW, a kindergarten, eight different schools, two orphanages, big hotels and other private and government institutions.

Mr. Franco went on to add that the population size of Barentu has increased three-fold and that the town is receiving 18 hours of electricity services. The administrator finally called on the inhabitants to maintain and promote the progress registered thus far.

There are 130 social service rendering institutions and 1,000 business enterprises in Barentu.


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