June 9, 2020

Contribution to fight COVID-19 pandemic

Contribution to fight COVID-19 pandemic

Asmara, 09 June 2020- Contribution by nationals to contain the spread of COVID-19 pandemic is continuing.

According to the Ministry of Health, employees of Mendefera sub-zone contributed 84 thousand and 555 Nakfa, employees of Maritime Service Corporation 42 thousand and 671 Nakfa, Eri-Tel Assab branch 10 thousand and 817 Nakfa, Aman Hakim cement product enterprise in Mhyaw 10 thousand Nakfa, and other small businesses and cooperative associations in Gash Barka and Central regions contributed a total of 25 thousand Nakfa.

According to the Eritrea’s Consul General in Toronto, nationals in Canada have made additional contribution of 125 thousand Canadian Dollars towards augmenting the National Fund to fight COVID-19 pandemic.

Similarly, traders in Mai-Mine semi-urban center contributed 14 thousand and 674 Nakfa, and administrative areas and small businesses in Mai-Mine sub-zone contributed a total of 28 thousand and 353 Nakfa.

Cooperative associations and small businesses in the Central region also contributed a total of 36 thousand and 500 Nakfa.

In related news, nationals inside the country and abroad decided that the families renting their houses to live free of charge ranging from two to six months.

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