May 10, 2020

Contribution to fight COVID-19 pandemic

Contribution to fight COVID-19 pandemic

Asmara, 10 May 2020- Administrations across the country, companies, national association inside the country and abroad as well as individuals are stepping up contribution to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to report from the Ministry of Health, Sawa Construction Company contributed 548 thousand Nakfa, employees of Musa-Ali Construction and Development Company 290 thousand Nakfa, Eritrean family in Norway that wants to stay anonymous 200 thousand Nakfa, Petroleum Corporation Eritrea 145 thousand and 173 Nakfa, employees of Oxygen Factory 54 thousand and 640 Nakfa, water development in Anseba region 34 thousand and 18 Nakfa, Keren Hotel 12 thousand and 600 Nakfa, Africa Match and Candle Factory 10 thousand and 104 Nakfa, Farisha crops retail 10 thousand and 200 Nakfa, Napoli Pizzeria 10 thousand Nakfa, Pizzeria and Spaghetti House 10 thousand Nakfa and Lalimba Coca-Cola distribution in Keren 10 thousand Nakfa.

Similarly, administration areas in Tserona sub-zone contributed 245 thousand 225 Nakfa as well as 30 quintals of crops and 13 livestock, Adi-Agua administrative area 30 thousand Nakfa, Adi-Kok administration area 26 thousand and 372 Nakfa, Adi-Hansu administrative area 16 thousand and 376 Nakfa, Adi-Yakene administrative area 13 thousand and 888 Nakfa, Tekle Debesai enterprise Gejeret 10 thousand Nakfa, Luna Hotel in Massawa 10 thousand Nakfa, Shindwa administrative area 10 thousand Nakfa, Fiamet Photo Studio 10 thousand Nakfa, Massawa peer group association 10 thousand Nakfa, St. George association in Gejeret 10 thousand Nakfa, and other social service provision institutions and associations contributed a total of 137 thousand and 859 Nakfa.

Likewise, Diary farmers association in Segeneity contributed 5 thousand Nakfa, GT Aluminum product in Adi-Guaeda 5 thousand Nakfa, Mekane Genet Paradizo association 5 thousand Nakfa and Progress Service Station 10 thousand Nakfa.

In related news, a number of nationals inside the country and abroad decided that the families renting their houses in various cities and towns in the country to live free of rental payment ranging from one to three months.

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