April 16, 2020

Contribution to fight corona virus pandemic

Contribution to fight corona virus pandemic

Asmara, 16 April 2020- The Ministry of Health indicated that nationals residing inside the country and abroad are extending financial and material support to the effort the people and Government of Eritrea are exerting to restrain the spread of corona virus.

According to the report from the Ministry, Keih-Bahri General Construction and Development contributed 1 million Nakfa, National Union of Eritrean Youth and Students 202 thousand and 83 Nakfa, owner of Bologna Hotel 200 thousand Nakfa, Eritrean Pharmaceutical Association 120 thousand Nakfa, Sembel Steel and Wood Plant 100 thousand Nakfa, ‘Rain Bow’ School 50 thousand Nakfa, Staff Logistics of the Ministry of Defense 40 thousand Nakfa, Milk Production Association 10 thousand Nakfa and ‘Satreb’ cooperative association 5 thousand Nakfa.

Similarly, the residents of Akordet town contributed 78 thousand and 210 Nakfa, Fontana car rent 20 thousand Nakfa, vegetables and fruits retailers in Edaga Laka 50 thousand Nakfa, pepper and spices mill 50 thousand Nakfa, association of owners of butcheries 50 thousand Nakfa, Aderde milk product 10 thousand Nakfa, Jarge milk product in Akordet 10 thousand Nakfa, cooperative association of staff members of Auditor General 10 thousand Nakfa, owner of Khartoum Hotel 10 thousand Nakfa, Hydro Construction 10 thousand Nakfa, Gebretensae Pastry 10 thousand Nakfa, Entra-Mining 7 thousand and 500 Nakfa, Kohaito guest house 5 thousand Nakfa, Mr. Gebrebrhan Woldemenkorios 5 thousand Nakfa and Mr. Zeweldi Woldeselasie 5 thousand Nakfa.

In related news a number of nationals residing in Asmara, Assab and Adi-Kieh contributed about 240 thousand Nakfa.

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