July 13, 2020

Contribution to augment National and Martyrs Trust Funds

Contribution to augment National and Martyrs Trust Funds

Asmara, 13 July 2020- Nationals in the Scandinavian countries contributed over 260 thousand Kroner to augment the National Fund to contain the spread of corona virus and Martyrs Trust Fund.

According to the Eritrean Embassy in the Scandinavian countries, ‘Eri Tsinat’ Pal Talk Forum contributed 81 thousand Kroner in the name of the late Awelker Seid, former editor and coordinator of the forum, the National Holidays Coordinating Committee in the Scandinavian countries 50 thousand and 100 Kroner in the name of the late Berhane Tilahun, former cahier of the committee,  residents of Ockelbo 6 thousand Kroner, national committee in Denmark 7 thousand Kroner and one national contributed 6 thousand Kroner.

Similarly, Eritrean nationals in Sweden contributed 41 thousand Kroner, nationals in Oslo and its environs 30 thousand Kroner, nationals in Trondheim, Norway, 30 thousand Kroner, nationals in Ulsteinvik, Norway, 7 thousand and 257 Kroner.

A number of nationals in the Scandinavian countries also decided that the families renting their houses in various parts of the country to live free of rental payment ranging from three months until the end of 2020.

In related news, 14 owners of small businesses in Edaga area, Massawa, contributed 8 thousand and 600 Nakfa, 22 thousand and 500 Nakfa.

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