August 31, 2018

Contribution of peace prospect in developing outstanding education system

Contribution of peace prospect in developing outstanding education system

Asmara, 29 August 2018- The new era of peace prospect will have significant contribution in developing outstanding education system and nurture competent citizens that could realize the national vision. The comment was made by Mr. Semere Russom, Minister of Education, at an annual educational activity assessment meeting held today, 29 August at the Sawa Warsai Yikealo Secondary School and Vocational Training Center.

Pointing out that educational policy is measured by the outcome registered Minister Semere said that critical assessment on the implementation of programs will have significant contribution in designing viable and practical educational programs. Minister Semere also called for due attention on the 8th and 12th grade national examinations.

Indicating that 58.2% of the participants of the 8th grade national examination have registered passing marks, Minister Semere said that counting numbers is not enough and that should be measured by the effort made to produce competent students.

Mr. Semere also indicated that in this year’s matriculation exam 27.8% have registered passing marks for degree and diploma programs and 15.7% for certificate and that demonstrates the commendable progress being registered.

Minister Semere went on to say that no-peace no-war situation has been the main bottleneck in the progress education and called for integrated effort for better outcome with the new era of peace prospect.

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