July 28, 2011

Conspiracy against Eritrean Airlines symptom of enemy quarters’ desperation, Say visiting nationals

Asmara, 28 July 2011 – Eritrean nationals who arrived in the Homeland aboard Eritrean Airlines said that the failure of the conspiracy of enemy quarters to thwart the operations of the national flag carrier has exposed them to bitter frustration.

They expressed satisfaction with the commencement of regular flights of Eritrean Airlines, and voiced optimism that the Airline would soon expand its flight destinations.

In a related report, the Saudi Arabian Ambassador to Eritrea, Mr. Nasser Ali, who traveled with Eritrean Airlines on a return trip to Asmara, commended the service provided by the Eritrean Airbus 320.

It is to be noted on July 16 Eritrean Airline began direct flights to six countries, namely Sudan, Egypt, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Italy and the United Arab Emirates.

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