February 8, 2021

Commemoration of Operation Fenkil

Commemoration of Operation Fenkil

Asmara, 08 February 2021- The commemoration of the 31st anniversary of Operation Fenkil will commence next Saturday, 13 February under the theme “Fenkil for Generation”. The commemoration event will be held virtually in accordance with the guideline issued to control the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Eritrean People’s Liberation Front’s land and sea units conducted a surprise and decisive attack known as ‘Fenkil Operation’ from 8-10 February 1990 liberating the strategic port city of Massawa.

According to the National Holidays Coordinating Committee, the 31st commemoration event will feature laying wreath at the Massawa Patriots Cemetery as well as cultural performances.

The cultural program that will be conducted in the afternoon hours will be broadcast live via Eri-Tv and the National Radio.

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