May 19, 2011

Colorful Independence Day celebrations attest to resilience and harmony of Eritrean people: Intellectuals

Asmara, 19 May 2011 – Eritrean intellectuals said that the on-going colorful Independence Day celebrations across the country as well as those abroad where Eritrean nationals reside attest to the resilience and firm unity of the Eritrean people.

They pointed out that the strong unity of the Eritrean people makes them unique compared to other peoples around the globe. The nationals added that the Eritrean people registered gratifying outcome through foiling all conspiracies weaved against them. As regards the on-going celebrations, they said that they are proud to observe both the celebrations and achievements scored since independence. The nationals also expressed conviction that the self-reliance principle cherished by fellow citizens and the leadership would continue to register yet more achievements.

Meanwhile, spectators expressed deep impression with the programs being presented in connection with the celebrations marking the 20th anniversary of Independence Day under the theme “Prefect harmony … for National Dignity”

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