May 23, 2011

Colorful celebration of Independence Day displays Love of Nation: Visitors

Asmara, May 22, 2011- Colorful celebration of Independence Day is a display of Eritreans love of their nation, according to visitors who have witnessed the celebrations.

Speaking to Erina, the vistors said that the programs highlighting the Eritrean way of life, culture of perseverance and rebuff, unity as well as legacy of cherished values has enabled them to better understand Eritrea and events around it.Edmund Foreman, a German national who took part in numerous Eritrean festivities since 2004 told Erina that he is deeply impressed each time he comes back.
Diverio Massimo, from Italy also said that the Eritrean people acquire their objectives in their celebrations.

“Its not so hard to see that the programs for Independence had required lots of preparation, in which I was able to see innovation” said another German national, Hoch Huff.

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