April 25, 2014

China Imports $20 million Worth of Copper from Eritrea

China Imports $20 million Worth of Copper from Eritrea

Mining Terminal at Massawa Port. Concentrate Export Operation at the ore concentrate Terminal in Massawa. Ratainer loading device in foreground and grey Bisha mine concentrate containers in background

The press reports state that the copper was imported from Eritrea, but do not mention the exact port of origin. The cargo was probably shipped via Dubai as it is the vessel’s closest port of call to Eritrea.

According to Chinese media reports on Monday, it is the first time that the Port of Nantong imported copper concentrate from the East African country. Eritrea is rich in mineral resources and has several international mining companies exploring metals near its capital Asmara.

Shanghai Metals Market (SMM), a leading Chinese independent metals market industry news provider, said that the supplier’s name was not revealed in Monday’s media reports .

However, Vancouver-based mining company Nevsun Resources Ltd. is the only company currently producing commercial copper concentrate in Eritrea since December 2013.

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