December 7, 2012

Central region: Ministry organizes seminar regarding sweet potato

Central region: Ministry organizes seminar regarding sweet potato

Asmara, 7 December 2012 – The Agriculture Ministry’s branch in the Central region has organized a seminar as regards sweet potato and methods of food processing to this end.

In this connection, Mr. Yemane Tesfazgi, Horticulture expert in Serejeqa sub-zone, gave detailed briefing and demonstration at the research site around Embaderho village.

Pointing out that sweet potato has comparative advantage pertaining to diet and is strategically crucial in ensuring food security, Mr. Abraham Daniel, head of the branch office, called on farmers to adhere to its extensive farming.

Mr. Meresie Tesfahiwet, Administrator of the sub-zone, on his part asserted that it would collaborate with farmers so as to ensure effective utilization of the 11 micro-dams in the locality.

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