July 15, 2021

President Isaias receives credentials of several...

President Isaias receives credentials of several Ambassadors

Asmara, 15 July 2021- President Isaias Afwerki received at Denden Guest House in the morning hours of today, 15 July credentials of 11 Resident and Non-Resident Ambassadors.

The Resident Ambassadors that submitted their credentials are Mr. Cai Ge, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China, Mr. Marco Mancini, Ambassador of the Italian Republic, Ms. Muriel Soret, Ambassador of the French Republic, and Ms. Amakobe Sande, UN Resident Coordinator. Read more

June 13, 2021

There is no Planet B: Save the World, Secure your...

There is no Planet B: Save the World, Secure your Future!

By Sabrina Solomon | How could a planet that gives all be turned into an unproductive and less suitable one? Do we know that we are letting mother earth perish for a luxurious life that we don’t even need? Though the earth was marvelously green, our incessant degradations and negative transformation over the years have drained its energy. If we continue to produce and consume the way we do now, where will the earth be, say in 30 years? Read more

June 10, 2021

Seminar to nationals in Johannesburg

Seminar to nationals in Johannesburg

Asmara, 10 June 2021- The Eritrean Ambassador to the Republic of South Africa and Southern African countries, Mr. Saleh Omar conducted seminar to nationals residing in Johannesburg and its environs. At the seminar, Ambassador Saleh gave extensive briefing on the objective situation in the homeland and the region. Read more

May 30, 2021

30th Independence Day Anniversary throughout the...

30th Independence Day Anniversary throughout the Nation and Diaspora

Eritrea’s Independence Day Anniversary celebrated on May 24, is one of the most important chapters in Eritrea’s history. After three decades of fierce struggle against, the then, one of Africa’s strongest armies, the valiant Eritrean liberation fighters triumphantly captured Eritrea’s capital, Asmara, thus heralding the total liberation of the country.

Besides, this day has a special meaning to every Eritrean because the nation’s right to independence and self-determination was denied by the superpowers through federation and later, annexation. Eritrea’s independence was not given in a silver platter; it demanded heavy sacrifice. It was independence brought through pure determination, immeasurable sacrifice, unabated commitment, patriotism, and unparalleled courage. Hence, Eritrea’s Independence Day in every corner of the country and abroad is celebrated in a patriotic zeal, in which Eritreans inside and outside the country depict the heroic feats of our fighters. For this reason, the 30th Independence Day anniversary was colorfully celebrated in all the six regions of the country and diaspora under the theme “Resilient as Ever”. Read more

Nationals in Diaspora celebrate Independence Day

Nationals in Diaspora celebrate Independence Day

Asmara, 29 May 2021- Eritrean nationals in Australia and France celebrated the 30th Independence Day anniversary with patriotic zeal under the theme “Resilient-As Ever”.

The celebratory event the nationals conducted in the Australian cities of Melbourne and Perth was highlighted with various programs including speeches by friends of Eritrea, narration by youth that participated in the war to safeguard the national sovereignty, as well as cultural and artistic performances among others. Read more

President Isaias receives credentials of several...

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