December 23, 2017

الإيقاد .. الوجه الآخر للنظام الإثيوبى .. هل...

الإيقاد .. الوجه الآخر للنظام الإثيوبى ..
هل يتكلم قادة منظمة (IGAD)بصوت واحد !!

كتب : عبدالقادر بكرى حمدان – المانيا .
الهيئة الحكومية للتنمية (IGAD) هي منظمة شبه إقليمية في أفريقيا مقرها دولة جيبوتي ، تأسست في عام 1996 فحلت محل السلطة الحكومية الدولية للإنماء والتصحر (IGADD) التي أنشئت عام 1986، وكان إنشاء السلطة الحكومية عام 1986 هدفه مقاومة الجفاف والتصحر الذي كانت تعاني منه عدد من الدول الأفريقية مثل: إثيوبيا ، جيبوتي ، السودان ، الصومال ، كينيا ، وغيرها. وفي عام 1996 اجتمع الدول الأعضاء في نيروبي واتفقوا على تعديل ميثاق المنظمة وتغيير اسمها إلى الهيئة الحكومية للتنمية. تتكون منظمة الإيجاد من ثمانية دول هي : جيبوتي ، السودان ، جنوب السودان ، الصومال ، كينيا ، أوغندا ، إثيوبيا ، و إريتريا التى التي جمدت عضويتها في المنظمة، لماذا ؟


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December 14, 2017

Ethiopia-win-et: Deconstructing the T-TPLF’s...

Ethiopia-win-et: Deconstructing the T-TPLF’s Ethnic Federalism (Part I)

I am developing this multipart series of what I call “Deconstructing Ethnic Federalism in Ethiopia” (along with many other topical series to come) for several reasons. The Thugtatorship of Tigrean People’s Liberation Front (T-TPLF) has used its phony ideology of “ethnic federalism” to hoodwink and bamboozle Ethiopians into believing its system of ethnic apartheid supremacy is actually federalism. It is stunning how a group of high school and grammar school dropouts have been able to con a population of 100 million people into accepting their ethnic apartheid masters are actually their liberators. Read more

December 9, 2017

Eritrean Delegation attends 5th AU- EU Summit

Eritrean Delegation attends 5th AU- EU Summit

Asmara, 9 December 2017 – An Eritrean delegation comprising Ambassador to the African Union, Mr. Araya Desta, and Eritrea’s Ambassador to the European Union, Mr. Negasi Kasa, have attended the 5th AU-EU Summit in Abidjan, the capital of Ivory Coast. The summit was attended by leaders of member states of the AU and EU. Read more

October 18, 2017

President Isaias Afwerki sends message of...

President Isaias Afwerki sends message of condolence to Somali President

H.E. Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed,
President of The Federal Republic of Somalia,

Dear Mr. President,
In these harrowing days where the people of Somalia have yet again suffered a pernicious terrorist attack of huge proportions, allow me to extend – on behalf of the Government and people of Eritrea and on my own behalf – our heartfelt condolences to the Government and people of Somalia. Read more

September 27, 2017

Hundreds Feared Dead, Tens of Thousands Displaced...

Hundreds Feared Dead, Tens of Thousands Displaced in Ethnic Clashes in Ethiopia

sputniknews | Inter-ethnic clashes in southern Ethiopia have led to widespread bloodshed amid the struggle for arable land over the past month, the country’s authorities have said.

“We can say hundreds from the Oromo ethnicity were killed…and there were also deaths on the Somali side, we don’t know exactly how many,” government spokesman Negeri Lencho told reporters at a press conference on Monday, AFP reports. Read more

Eritrean nationals celebrate Independence Day...

መደረ ክቡር ፕረዚደንት ኢሳይያስ ኣፈወርቂ

Independence Day celebrations

Workshop on Preserving Ancient Manuscripts

A Look Back on Eritrea’s Historic 1993...

5th YPFDJ Conference in Saudi Arabia concludes