June 6, 2011

Branch Head Stresses Significance Of Grouping Vegetable Farmers In Association

Asmara, 6 June 2011 –  The head of law and order branch in the Central region, Mr. Kinfe Habtom, stressed the significance of grouping vegetable farmers in association in obtaining better production.

He told ERINA that the already set up market centers for the direct interaction of producers and consumers is essentially aimed at ensuring stable market sustainability. In this respect, Mr. Kinfe noted the need for farmers and beneficiaries to cautiously take active participation in the process.

He further explained that individual farmers who get regrouped in an association are being provided with the necessary facilities and assistance. The Ministry of Agriculture is also closely following up the regrouping program, he added. Mr. Kinfe further called on vegetable farmers to directly sell their products at the market center.

Vegetable farmers said on their part that their production is being multiplied, which in turn contributed to the stability of the market in Asmara. They also voiced determination to get regrouped in an association and redouble endeavors so as to greatly boost production and stabilize the market.

Similarly, the consumers stated that the newly set up fruits and vegetables market centers are bearing fruitful outcome.

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