June 30, 2011

Bomb detonation in Djibouti city railway handwork of TPLF regime: Report

Asmara, 30 June 2011 – A report revealed by Wikileaks disclosed that the bomb detention in Djibouti city railway on March 12 was the handwork of TPLF regime.

The report further revealed that the purpose of the ploy was to concoct an accusation against Ethiopian opposition forces in a bit to attract the intention of major powers. The detonation was also deliberately planed to take place in Djibouti city not far from where the railroad passes behind the French Military Hospital, the Wikileaks report added.

Meanwhile, a separate report compiled by the same website disclosed that the main decision on the part of the TPLF regime to halt the operation of the Djibouti Railway emanated from the intention of creating work for the regime’s trucks and raise the price of chat export from Ethiopia.

A number of media outlets have been reporting that the TPLF regime resorts to the act of detonating bombs even in densely populated quarters of the country’s capital, Addis Ababa, with a view to implicating the prevailing popular opposition with terrorism.

Observers said that authorizing a regime of such nature to engage in so-called peacekeeping mission in African countries is tantamount to “assigning a hyena to look after cattle”.

It is no secret that the TPLF regime commits various acts of political prostitution under the mantle of “struggle against terrorism” so as to attract the attention of western powers.

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