February 3, 2020

Award for outstanding students

Award for outstanding students

Asmara, 3 February 2020- Asmara Comprehensive high school has awarded outstanding students that scored high marks at the 2018/2019 national school leaving examination.

The Award was provided to 19 students including 5 females that scored form 3.2 to 4 GPA.

Indicating that the objective of the award was to recognize the outstanding students for their commendable performance and encourage other to follow their example, the director of the school, Mr. Semere Gebreleul called on the awardees to demonstrate competence and emerge victorious in their college education.

Mr. Yohannes Solomon, head of secondary schools at the Ministry of Education branch in the Central region, congratulating the awardees called on the staff members of the school, students and parents to conduct integrated efforts for the preservation of the students’ outstanding performance.

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