November 26, 2015

Asmara School of Deaf celebrates 25th anniversary

Asmara School of Deaf celebrates 25th anniversary

 Asmara School of Deaf celebrates 25th anniversaryThe Asmara School of the Deaf celebrated its 25 years of establishment on November 22nd.The celebrations were embellished with a musical performance by the students of the school and an exhibition that depicted the 25 years long journey traversed by the institution. Distinguished guests from inside the country and abroad, including the Minister of Education, Mr. Semere Russom, attended the Silver Jubilee of the school’s establishment.

Mr. Medhin Yohannes, Director of the School, underlined that the core mission of the school is to ensure and enhance educational opportunities for children with hearing disabilities from all over the country and to enable them to become productive citizens. In this spirit, the school has graduated over 200 students in painting and other vocational skills in the past few years.

The Asmara School of Deaf also provides sign-language training to parents of the handicapped in order to help them improve their communication with their children.

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