September 5, 2011

Anseba region: 25 villages obtain electricity supply

Keren, 3 September 2011 – 25 villages of Anseba region have obtained electricity supply, according to Mr. Sereke Michael, head of the branch office of the Electricity Corporation in Keren town.

He told Erina that electricity supply was expanded in Halhale, Mai-Awald, Melebso, Terenko, Shi’eb-Seleba, Debresina, Libena, Gush and Hadish-Adi last year. In addition, new counters have been distributed to 348 families in Hagaz, Elaberid and Keren, and that effective work has been accomplished in maintaining and replacing old electricity poles.

Stating that 25 poles have been installed in Halib-Mentel and 300 families have received new counters, Mr. Sereke said that 93 poles are being put in place in Habero sub-zone to expand electricity supply.

The Keren branch office of the Electricity Corporation has 12,000 customers.

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