April 20, 2011


His Excellency President Isaias Afewerki will conduct an extensive interview in the coming days regarding the multifaceted national development strategy and plan of Eritrea, political, security and diplomatic issues as well as regional and international developments, especially on the current prevailing situation and their developments in North Africa and the Middle East with all local media outlets. The interview will also be broadcast Live online via websites- alenalki.com, eastafro.com and hornofafrica.de.

Ministry Of Information

Activities of Eritrean Nationals in the Diaspora

ኤርትራ፣ ምድረ ባሕሪ 2 ቀዳማይ ምዕራፍ፣ ጥልያን...

ኤርትራ፣ ምድረ ባሕሪ ቀዳማይ ክፋል ህርፋን 1

President Isaias’ speech in connection with the...

Eritrean nationals celebrate Independence Day...

መደረ ክቡር ፕረዚደንት ኢሳይያስ ኣፈወርቂ