February 17, 2012

Ambassadors accredited to Eritrea express readiness to work for strengthening bilateral ties and mutual cooperation

Ambassadors accredited to Eritrea express readiness to work for strengthening bilateral ties and mutual cooperation

Asmara, 17 February 2012 – The Ambassadors who presented their credentials to President Isaias Afwerki on 15 and 16 February expressed readiness to work for strengthening bilateral ties, mutual cooperation and positive engagement between Eritrea and their respective countries.

They told ERINA that during their tour of duty in Eritrea, they would work in earnest to reinforce the existing economic, social, cultural and diplomatic relations and programs for mutual benefit.

Mr. Fazil CORMAN, Ambassador of Turkey, reiterated that he had profound discussion with President Isaias regarding programs of mutual cooperation in the domains of investment, trade, industry, construction and infrastructure and that from the explanation he received he has a clear picture on the ongoing programs in Eritrea and their progress.

Mr. Sibabrata Tripathi, Ambassador of India, equally commended the progress Eritrea had registered in such a short period, and said that there exist resources and other assets that encourage investment. He further stated that he would work for strengthening the existing bilateral cooperation in trade, culture and education, besides developing other opportunities.

Likewise, the Ambassadors of the European Union, Nigeria, Qatar and United Arab Emirates asserted that they would work for strengthening bilateral relations between the people and Government of Eritrea and their respective countries.

Similarly, Mr. Jewad Terk Abadi, Ambassador of Iran said that he discussed with President Isaias bilateral relations as well as regional and global issues, and indicated that he noticed there exist similarity view of and would work for strengthening it.

Moreover, Mr. Majid Yusuf Yahiya, Ambassador of Sudan, indicated that his assignment here in Eritrea is to facilitate practical work that satisfies both countries, and that he would work hard to enhance the existing multifaceted cooperation for mutual benefit and better outcome.

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