April 5, 2017

Ambassador Saleh Presents Credentials

Ambassador Saleh Presents Credentials

Asmara, 4 April 2017 – The Eritrean Ambassador to South Africa and South African countries, Mr. Saleh Omar, this week presented credentials non-resident Ambassador to Swaziland.

He conveyed President Isaias’s goodwill message and expressed Eritrea’s  readiness to develop mutual cooperation Agriculture, human resources development, mining, and forestation sectors as well as in cultural and educational domains.Stating that the unjust and illegal anti Eritrea sanction was designed to demonize Eritrea’s image, the Ambassador underlined that it will only complicate the situation in the region.

King Mswati III on his part stated that the assignment of Ambassador Saleh to Swaziland will make significant contribution to the strengthening of the relations between the two countries.

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