March 28, 2017

Ambassador Fshehatsion presents credential

Ambassador Fshehatsion presents credential

Asmara, 27 March 2017- Mr. Fsehatsion Petros, Eritrea’s Ambassador to Italy has on 21st March presented work credential to the Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic as Eritrea’s nonresident Ambassador to the republic.

In the event, Ambassador Fsehatsion conveyed President Isaias’ message of good wish to the Serbian President and affirmed Eritrea’s readiness to establish a strong bilateral relation and cooperation between the two countries.

Ambassador Fsehatsion further explained strong conviction that he would work towards advancing the bilateral ties to a high level with the support of all concerned Serbian authorities.

Explaining that the recent working visit of a senior Eritrean delegation was of a paramount importance in understanding Eritrea’s stance, President Tomislav affirmed his country’s readiness to establish a robust and all-rounded mutual cooperation between the two countries.

Meanwhile, Ambassador Fsehatsion held discussions with various Serbian officials as regards enhancing partnership of mutual cooperation between the two countries.

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