July 29, 2011

Alliance for Re-Liberation of Somalia: Humanitarian Appeal

Brief Background
The collapse of the Somali state in the beginning of 1991 and continued deadly conflict ever since have caused unprecedented human suffering at catastrophic levels.

Over the last 20 years,alternating manmade catastrophes, civil wars, foreign military invasions and occupations with frequent natural disastersin the form ofsevere droughts, epidemic diseases, etc., coupled with complete absence of national government or indeed any form of central authority in the last two decades, have ruined Somalia and affected all aspects of life for Somalis.

As a result,an estimated one million human beings lost their lives, two and half million were forced to migrate and crammed into refugee camps in the neighbouring countries, and another three million are internally displaced people(IDPs) inside the country.

Current Crisis
Today, the lives of millions of Somalis hang on the balance. The country is experiencing an unprecedented drought which threatens to wipe out more than half of the Somali race. According to the official United Nations estimates,over 3.5 million people are facing an immediate starvation inside the country, while another 3 million Somalis in the refugee camps as well as in the inhabited regions of neighbouring Ethiopia and Kenya are in a similar situation.

Independent,well informed sources confirmed that thousands of human lives have already been lost, similarly hundreds of thousands of livestock herds, the economic lifeline and the backbone of the populations’ livelihoodsare perished due to theseverity of the drought. These combined calamities have produced the highest refugee concentration worldwide.

With regards to this, we appeal to the world community, to save the souls of their fellow humans in Somalia. We urgeto the endowed individuals, families, charities, companies, corporations, national and international organisations and nation states to donategenerously and mobilise resources, inan effort to deliver urgently and unreservedly thenecessary supplies, particularly the basic human needs of food and medicine to the needy. Priority should be given to the hard hit areas with higher population density while targeting the frailest and vulnerable social segments, such as children, women and the aged.

Likewise, our appeal extends to all able Somalis around the world urging them to assume their duties and responsibilities individually and collectively. It is now high time to show our resolve, resilience, perseverance and unity of purpose, shoulder to shoulder, for the conservation of our race and protection of our own existence and that of our brothers and sisters from certain extinction and extermination. Each and every one of us should donate generously not only by means of money and materials grants, but also through engagement of time, moral, mental and physical energies;which are of paramount importance.

It means that whatever resources we own should be directed to and be at the disposal of this noble endeavour. It is expected that all across the social spectrum, without exception would willingly and positively contribute. All Somali mass media outlets, both conventional and modern electronic and satellite communications, have tovoluntarily and exclusively dedicate its programs in serving to this national campaign. To this effect, atruly global, all Somali mobilisation is in processand will soon be announced its launch, which we are hoping for massive participation in a synchronised and coordinated manner.

Finally ARS requests the warring factions in the country, be they are Somalis or foreigners, particularly those in the capital Mogadishu, and some pockets in central and southern regions, to disengage, put their conflict on hold byannouncing moratorium on humanitarian grounds to enablefor the relief teamsin delivering aid successfully through secure environment so as to the reach out and feed thestarving people.

Thank you for your assistance and support to the Somali people.

ZakariaMohamud Haji Abdi | ARS Chairman | London 28th July 2011

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