April 7, 2014

Al Bashir Receives Message from President Afwerki

Al Bashir Receives Message from President Afwerki

Al Bashir Receives Message from President AfwerkiKhartoum – President of the Republic Omer Al Bashir has received a written message from his Eritrean counterpart Issias afwerkidealing with mutual cooperation between the two countries.

The message was conveyed to the President by Afwerki’s envoy.

Al Bashir lauded the distinguished relations between Sudan and Eritrea and instructed competent authorities to coordinate with Eritrea to further develop relations and mutual cooperation between the two countries.

Yemane Gebreab, the Eritrean envoy said in press statements that he handed over a message to President Al Bashir dealing with mutual cooperation between the two countries besides exchange of views on important regional issues.
He highlighted rapprochement between the two countries on local and regional issues, adding that the message emphasized the importance of continued interaction between the two countries.

Meanwhile, President Al Bashir at a meeting with Ambassador of Eritrea to Sudan who called on him on the occasion of expiry of his tenure, called for further efforts to improve bilateral relations between the two countries to serve as model for regional ties. He expressed his thanks for the role undertaken by the ambassador during his service in Sudan.

Ambassador Mohamed Saeed, in press statements expressed his thanks and gratitude for Sudanese government and people for their cooperation and facilitation of his mission during his tenure in Sudan and expressed hope that ties will further develop in all areas.

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