April 4, 2011

Agriculture and Animal Resources Regulations Issued In 2003 Playing Due Role In Efforts To Achieve Food Security

Asmara, 3 April 2011- The Director General of regulations and control division at the Ministry of Agriculture, Mr. Tekleab Misgina stated that regulations issued in 2003 regarding agriculture and animal resources are playing due role in the efforts to achieve food security.

In an interview with ERINA in connection with the symposium of the ministry due to be held in Barentu from 4 to 6 April, Mr. Tekleab said that the regulations have proven instrumental in securing quality of agricultural and animal production as well as in regulatory activities.

Comprising of branches such as animal supervision, crops health, environment preservation, controlling trees and wild animals as well as laboratory services, the ministry’s division strives to promote quality of agricultural production, and supervise crops being exported from and imported to the country.

Mr. Tekleab further indicated that the division regulates animal medications and pesticides imported from outside. The division also has been working to protect wild life since the end of 2007 by establishing 39 stations in different parts of the country.

Mr. Tekleab finally disclosed that owing to the experience acquired over time, animal vaccinations against various diseases has been provided and that efforts are underway to produce different animal medications for local consumption as well as for export purposes.

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