May 3, 2019

Africa World Heritage Day observed

Africa World Heritage Day observed

Africa World Heritage Day was observed on 2 May here in the capital, Asmara, under the theme “Heritage and Innovation”.At the event in which government officials, representatives of UN offices in Eritrea took part, the D. G. of Public Works Development in the Central region, Architect Tesfa’alem Woldemicael indicated that the UNESCO General Assembly dedicated May 5 to the observance of the Africa World Heritage Day and that has significant meaning.

Indicating that Eritrea possesses cultural and natural heritage that have international significance, Architect Tesfa’alem said that Eritrea has signed in the three International Conventions for the development and preservation of  cultural and natural heritage, namely preservation of Cultural Heritage during conflicts 1954, World Heritage Accord 1972 and Intangible Cultural Heritage 2003.

Ms. Susan Ngongi, UN Resident Humanitarian Coordinator, on her part said that while Africa is still under represented on the UNESCO World Heritage List a disproportionally high percentage of these properties are on the list of World Heritage in danger.

Ms. Susan went on to say that through the international day, UNESCO aims to increase global awareness of African heritage, with a special focus on youth, and to mobilize enhanced cooperation for its safeguarding on the local, regional and global level.

She also said that Eritrea signed the UNESCO World Heritage Convention in 2001and with that the Government of Eritrea has made a commitment to identify and protect its natural and cultural heritage to ensure its safeguarding for future generations.

Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Zerit Tewoldebrhan, Managing Director in the Central region, called for integrated effort for documenting the undocumented cultural and natural heritage in the country.

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