June 29, 2018

Activities by Eritrean nationals in Diaspora

Activities by Eritrean nationals in Diaspora

Asmara, 28 June 2018- Eritrean nationals residing in Israel, Australia and the Scandinavian countries conducted various activities in connection with 20 June, Martyrs Day, in which they pledged to live up to the expectations of the martyrs trust.

At an event held in commemoration of Martyrs Day, the nationals residing in Israel and Australia contributed 62 thousand Dollars, and 23,200 Shekel towards the martyrs’ trust fund.

According to report, the nationals residing in Melbourne contributed 18,158 Dollars, 3,010 Dollars in Sydney, 4,261 in Adelaide, 2,617 in Brisbane, and 2 thousand Dollars in Gold Coast. Delina Wehab, a child residing in Brisbane also contributed 160 Dollars.

The nationals also assumed the responsibility of supporting 14 families of martyrs.

Likewise, the members of the Eritrean community in Eilat, Israel, contributed 12 thousand Dollars, Eritrean women in Eilat 4,500 Dollars, members of the “Finot Semaetat” association in Eilat 15 thousand dollars in addition to supporting 150 families of martyrs.

At the event conducted in commemoration of Martyrs Day, the nationals raised 23,500 dollars towards martyrs’ trust fund.

In the same vein, Eritrean nationals in the Scandinavian countries conducted 14th festival from 21 to 23 June in Stockholm, Sweden, featuring various activities depicting the true image in the homeland in which a number of nationals took part.

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