August 2, 2019

Activities by Eritrean nationals in Diaspora

Activities by Eritrean nationals in Diaspora

Asmara, 01 August 2019- Eritrean nationals residing in the Republic of South Sudan and Germany have conducted various activities depicting their attachment with their homeland.

According to report, the Eritrean Ambassador to Sudan, Mr. Yohannes Teklemicael conducted seminar to nationals residing in Fallujah region, South Sudan, on the objective situation in the homeland and the history of the Eritrean people’s armed struggle for independence.

Indicating that the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front (EPLF) is the outcome of the righteous struggle of the Eritrean people, Ambassador Yohannes said that the Eritrean people under the leadership of the EPLF have demonstrated heroic feat, resilience and steadfastness against multiple external conspiracies and have realized the total independence of the country. Ambassador Yohannes went on to say that currently the PFDJ is fully engaged in realizing the national development programs.

Ambassador Yohannes also called on the nationals to strengthen organizational capacity and contribution in the success of the national development drives.

In related news, at a program they organized, Eritrean nationals organized as “Association 20 June-Aschaffenburg”, Germany, pledged to strengthen contribution in support of families of martyrs and transfer the noble societal values to the young generation.

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